Weed killers that are suitable for various surface types

Weed killers that are suitable for various surface typesWeed plants are a very annoying aspect to gardening due to their persistent and frequent nature that no piece of lawn is safe from. As a matter of fact, gaps in bricks and cement are also liable to host the dreaded growth. The thing is, it is so simple to get rid of them and have your gardens, patios, pavements and driveways looking respectful and noticeably improved!

Pro Green has made it simple and quick to treat weed issues in all types’ gardens that require different applications. In terms of weed killer for grass, there are many options available with simple dictionary instructions. They provide many solutions including Scotts Hammer (which shows results in 24 hours and is suitable for professional use) and Asteroid Bio Care (it is suitable for non-professional use yet still is a strong substance); both are part of the glyphosate weed killer range.

It is also a simple and a time efficient method to get rid of weed activity on block paving and gravel surfaces. Nomix Dual delivers up to 6 months control and also is versatile as it can be used for soft and hard surfaces. With six months control even the busiest of people can quickly apply the solution and see it work wonders.

All kinds of people can use these solutions, whether you are a professional gardener or just want to obtain a visually appealing weed-free area then it is essential to invest in simple-to-use weed killers. Pro Green’s online manuals and comparison tables show which products you suit your needs and are most useful to your situation.


Choosing the right weed killer

Choosing the right weed killer

There are 4 characteristics that are altered within weed killers. Pre-emergence is a factor of weed killer that targets seeds that are in the midst of germination. This means that they are best suited to fighting weeds that emerge seasonally due to their reproductive trait. Post-emergence weed killers for grass work more specifically to weeds that have already further developed.  Post-emergence usually come in a liquid form that is sprayed on the leaves; whilst pre-emergence is applied to the soil in a liquid form.

Selectivity type is very important as it treats other plants and growth around the weeded area. Selective products will not harm the surrounding plantation or grass (making them more beneficial to gardens and lawn areas). On the other hand, non-selective solutions will effectively damage the roots of all plants in the treated area (more suited to weed growing in drains, pavements and gravel).

Persistence is what the future the state of weed growth will be like. Persistent weed killers will have long term prevention on the growth in the treated area, as germination will be slow but most likely stopped. Therefore this must be considered if you are looking to reseed. If this is the case then the non-persistent short term weed killers for grass will be less harmful to near future planting plans.

Finally there is contact or trans-located. This basically asks how you want the weed to die! Contact herbicides will kill the part of the weed it is applied to, which is perfect for users that want to clear the area of unwanted weeds in areas needed for planting. Trans-located products attack the weed through its internal structure. This process is a little longer but does have more precise and permanent advantage!