Controlling Horsetail

Controlling HorsetailIt is often difficult to find a product to use on horsetail that works, but we think we have found it.

Progreen Weed Control has delivered an excellent product that controls horsetail and is called ‘Kurtail’.

Horsetail is very difficult to control and this is largely down to the growth of its extensive underground rooting system which can often be up to about two metres long. It is similar to Japanese Knotweed in the respect of being one of the biggest weed headaches.

Kurtail works in a way that combats the weeds right down to the root, which in turn controls the growth without affecting the area, in case you are deciding to re-plant. This is due to its non-residual nature and ‘contact-only’ type of action.

Horsetail control has been an on-going problem for some time and only now is it possible to properly control it with help from Kurtail, which has cemented its market standard on the problem.

So if you are looking for a prolific way on how to combat horsetail, then you have found the right product in Kurtail. This is a weed killer that works.


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