Control Grass And Weeds

Grass and unwanted weeds can grow in a number of areas and can cause a lot of problems in the process.

A number of these problematic areas of annual grasses, perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds exist in non-crop areas. This is in places like roadsides, paths, hard surfaces and along fences and walls.

When trying to tackle these types of weeds and grass, it is important to clean up the ground prior to planting or sowing, which will ensure full weed control can take place. A perfect solution for this is Roundup Pro Biactive.

Roundup Pro Biactive has been specially formulated in order to offer an incredibly safe operation. Not only is it safe but it is powerful too as it can withstand a number of conditions including weather (rain in particular).

This solution contains an enzyme called Glyphosate, which controls weeds through blocking the plant’s enzyme system. This enzyme does not exist in humans, animals, birds or fish, and this further emphasises the safety of the product for users and the environment.

Roundup Pro Biactive can be also used to directly spray onto an ornamental type plant within the home. For optimum control over perennial grasses, annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds, you should use Roundup Pro Biactive.


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