The Cost of Conifer Mite

Conifer mite costThere is nothing more worrying than seeing Conifer Mite damage on Leylandii or Conifers.  Not only is the ‘grey-browning’ of foliage unsightly but if untreated it will kill trees and hedges; resulting in rapid loss of screening and eventually a costly replanting.

Recent warm weather has already seen hatching of Conifer Mite, so monitoring for this pest should be happening now. Infestation is rapid and treatment must be carried out as soon as Mites are spotted, ensuring damage is reduced.

So what is the solution?

CertisOne recognised option for control is Certis Spraying Oil.   The Spraying Oil works in two ways.  Firstly it deals with the primary infestation, followed by the added benefit of making it difficult for migrating mites to re-attach to the foliage, further reducing the chance of re-infestation.  Mixed with water, the petroleum and surfactants in Certis Spraying Oil create a thick white emulsion, clearly identifying treated areas.

Other pests controlled include Cypress Aphids, Red Spider Mites, Mealy Bugs and difficult to treat scaled insects, which makes it an excellent all round product and not just a treatment for Conifer Mite.

To find out more on recognition & treatment of Conifer and Spider Mites damage visit


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