Selecting Weed Killers – What Are The 4 Common Ones?

weed killerKilling harmful weeds has never been easier. With help from so many products on the market you can be sure to combat even the toughest of weeds. There are countless products available in the market for killing weeds and it often gets hard to pick the right product. Below we have selected some of the best ways to kill weeds:

Translocated Weed Killers

This is also referred to as Systemic weed killers and is a very effective method of killing weeds in your lawn. This type of killer has a very unique methodology. The plant absorbs the chemicals of the spray through its foliage and then sends it all the way to the root of the weed and as a result, the weed dies from top to bottom. This is a treatment for spot weed killing, although keep in mind that if sprayed on any other plants and flowers, it will kill those as well.

Contact weed killers

The name says it all; this is a weed killer that only kills upon contact. This type of weed killer is normally used by organic growers because of its natural fatty acid ingredients. The way that this weed killer works is that it dissolves the protection layer of the leaf and as a result, the leaf dries out and eventually dies. There is another type of contact weed killer that consist of a powerful chemical but this only affects the exposed foliage and does not affect the root.

Residual weed killers

This type of weed killer contains a chemical which remain in the ground and will be effective for a long time. If you have weeds in a specific area of your garden then this might be of interest to you.

Selective weed killers

As the name suggests, this is one of the most efficient weed killers for grass out there, the great thing about this killer is that it kills the broadleaf weeds and doesn’t harm narrow leafed plants such as grass. Gardeners who are really enthusiastic about keeping their lawns healthy and green should opt for the selective weed killer.

There are so many products that all have their own pros and cons but it is important to identify how severe your weed problem is before purchasing the suitable product.


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