The rosettes you don’t want – how to rid your paddocks of ragwort

RagwortRagwort is a perennial problem for the majority of horse and paddock owners.

So what are the most effective methods for ragwort control in your paddock?

Three main options are:
• Dig it up. If you have a small influx of ragwort digging each plant up by the roots is feasible. Specific tools are available to make this job a little less back breaking.
• Burn it. It is possible to use a spot burner to destroy ragwort, but this is really only suitable for hard surfaces as you might set your field alight!
• Spray it. Non-professional use herbicides such as “Ragtime” are ideal for spot spraying ragwort, docks, nettles, buttercup and thistles. It comes premixed and ready to use in a knapsack sprayer.

To treat larger areas of ragwort, professional use products such as “Headland Polo”, covering 8-10 acres, would be more economic. Always read and comply with the product label.

Whatever method of weed control you use, ragwort is poisonous to people as well as horses and should be treated with respect. Ragwort is especially dangerous to horses as it dies because it becomes more palatable, and horses should be kept off sprayed areas until all traces of the ragwort have disappeared. Pulled ragwort should be stored safely and dried then burned or rotted down in compost for at least 12 months.

To find out more about non-professional and professional products available for weed control and paddock maintenance visit or call 01778 394040


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