Weed Control

Weed ControlWeeds can cause problems to our gardens all year round so it is important to be on top of them and prevent them from coming back.

A way to do this is to purchase the best weed killer for grass and paths. There are a few types of weed and by bringing them to your attention you will be able to find the best way of getting rid of them.

To begin with there are annual weeds. These are weeds that last for one year or one season only. They leave seeds behind though, which means they will be back again next year and possibly for many years after this.

Perennial and deep rooted weeds are another weed that is persistent and returns year on year. These weeds can grow again even if there is only a tiny segment that has been left. This type of weed I deceiving because even though the weed may appear to be completely gone, there could still be some that remains, which will cause further hassle in the future.

Some weeds also grow on the stems of plants. These are arguably less of a nuisance but any weed is unwanted so there are options to remove these too, although like most weeds, they will return. An example of this weed would include nettles and sycamores.

The final type of weed which is arguably the most common or noticeable is lawn weeds. Lawn weeds are so popular and wide-spread because they suffocate the grass so that they can grow in mass. Examples of these weeds include dandelions, clovers, buttercups and daisies. They may seem pleasant to look at but they are still weeds and will need a specific weed killer for grass to ensure that these disappear.

We have an extensive range of weed killers suitable for all of the mentioned weeds, so if you are having trouble removing the weeds in your garden then check out our products to ensure your grass returns to normality again.


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