Remove Unwanted Moss & Algae

Moss and algae have a tendency to grow in many places, one of which is your garden. Lawn moss killer is one of the better ways to remove this from your grass and can be easily sprayed over the affected areas.

moss and algae

By using a good moss killing product it will be effective in removing the unwanted algae and moss but it will also encourage the re-growth of the grass that has been affected too. The moss will be disposed of but more importantly the grass in your garden will be green once again.

Here at ProGreen, we offer a selection of sprayable liquids which all has their own way of removing moss and algae from your grass but they have the same intention and that is to do the job correctly.

Our first product is MaxiCrop Moss Killer and is quick and efficient in killing moss. This product destroys the moss blackens moss within a few hours and will encourage the growth of the grass that had been affected. Once the moss has become blackened it will just be a case of raking away the moss from the grass.

Jewel dual action herbicide is another of our products and is the UK’s first dual action weed and lawn moss killer. Other than the fact this is a dual action product this can also be used on any type of turf too, which means it can access and kill weeds right down to the root in any garden.

Sul-Fe is a powder that is to be diluted with water which will make this application sprayable. This product is similar to the MaxiCrop product in the fact it blackens the moss and also aids the re-growth of the grass after. Sul-Fe also makes the grass green again where the moss once was.

If you have unwanted moss and algae then one of our products will be suitable to ensure that your grass is green again and return your garden back to how you want it to be.


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