When It Comes To Ragwort Treatment – Timing is Key!

Treating ragwort at the earliest stages of growth is definitely the best way to deal with ragwort. This will ideally be when the rosette of the ragwort is 8-10cm in diameter or the flowering spike has not yet started to grow. It is possible to complete weed killer treatment after this time but it will be less effective.

Here at Progreen we offer a selection of effective weed killers for ragwort control. Below we have listed just two of these products that offer great results again and again.

The first product is Barrier H, this product comes with a handy, ready to use applicator gun, when using this product you will see results within a few hours and you will notice the smell of citronella which is an environmentally friendly ingredient in this weed killer.

Another product we recommend for Ragwort treatment is Thrust, this weed killer is ideal for treatment and control of ragwort, buttercups, docks and thistles. If you would like to add our Solar Plus product you will find that it improves results on larger, more difficult to treat weeds.

If you would like advice on how to treat Ragwort or other weed killers for grass then call us direct at Progreen or drop us an email.

Please Note: Ragwort is poisonous to people, horses and other livestock, follow the instructions and usage guidance closely


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